The Kirlian Camera: How to Create the Kirlian Effect

Kirlian Photography & the Kirlian Camera

What is this “Kirlian camera”?

A Kirlian camera is often confused with an aura camera (used in aura photography), which, as mentioned in the introductory post, is a much different method of photography. The cameras used in Kirlian photography are nothing like traditional cameras. In fact, a Kirlian camera, also known as a Kirlian device, generally doesn’t even have a lens. The equipment used today can vary greatly, but the general process and theory behind the devices remains the same.

Here’s how the Kirlian photographs are created:

  1. A sheet of photographic film is placed on a metal conducting plate.
  2. The desired object is placed on top of the photographic film. Note: the object used must be conductive. Dry, non-conductive objects will not create this Kirlian effect.
  3. The metal conducting plate is connected to a high voltage, high frequency, low amperage, power supply.
  4. A pulse of electricity is sent through the plate to create the exposure.

Kirlian Photography & the Kirlian Camera -- Kirlian Photo of a FingerThe exposure causes the film to capture the small electrical coronal discharges that are created. Boom! There you have it! The developed film then displays a Kirlian photo— an image appearing to have a “colored halo”. This aura-like effect has motivated many claims from paranormal enthusiasts believing that there is a spiritual energy or a life force being portrayed through the photo.

Creating your own remarkable Kirlian photos is actually, quite easy. Click here to read more!

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