Kirlian Photography Debunked?

Kirlian Photography - Kirlian Photography DebunkedIt is believed by some that these Kirlian photos depict a life force directly related to the physical and emotional states of the living objects being photographed. In fact, Semyon Kirlian and his wife were convinced that these images could predict a being’s physical and emotional states and could be utilized in diagnosing illnesses.

Many of Kirlian’s demonstrations involved taking multiple photos of a leaf at defined intervals. As the leaf withered, so did the aura. For decades now, supporters of the supernatural powers behind this method have used Kirlian devices to aid in analyzing a person’s internal state by comparing the aura variations in images taken over a certain period of time.

Despite the paranormal beliefs of many people, many others feel that the myth can be debunked. For starters, the Kirlian photos can be created using any moist or conductive objects like coins, leaves, hands, keys, etc. Inanimate objects even display these auras; not just living beings and organisms!

Kirlian Photography - Kirlian Photography Debunked

aura-leaf by sharprichard, Flickr

Maybe that doesn’t disprove anything though… What would create these auras if it wasn’t something supernatural then? Some believe, water. But coins don’t have any water? Paper clips don’t have water? When the electric pulse is sent through the plate, the electrons are pulled off of the atoms, ionizing the air surrounding the object. When that air has any amount of water content, the photo will show a glow around the object. If you took a Kirlian photo of the same object in a vacuum where there is not any water vapor, the image has no aura-like features. This could also explain why objects like dying leaves exhibit a less intense aura; they have less moisture.

So then, is Kirlian photography debunked?

The truth behind Kirlian photography is still being debated today. Can it really detect illnesses, predict emotional and physical states, and represent a “life energy” surrounding an object? Regardless of the truth, the Kirlian effect is, and will always remain, one of the most fascinating phenomenons in the areas of art, science, and photography. Whether you are a doctor, scientist, researcher, paranormal enthusiast, photographer, artist, or anyone else intrigued by this method of photography, a Kirlian camera could be of value to you!

What do you think— is Kirlian photography debunked?